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Once the order has been placed, our team at THE PRINT AND EMBROIDERY.CO.UK will reconstruct your logo or design into embroidery. We will send you an online proof to review your digitized design for you to confirm all of the details are correct and you are content for the next embroidery step. Once you approve your proof, your polo’s, hats or other items will be created within four business days. You can ensure that our embroidered logo will outlast the garment and look beautiful for years to come. You can learn more about our custom embroidery services by asking our team with any enquirers you may have. Please call on 020 8004 0471.



The process of embroidery at Simple Prints starts with the design. At TPE LONDON LTD, we have a whole team of in-house artists that may work with any concepts or current designs and logo requested from yourself. After the initial design, we will create an online proof so you can review and approve it. Our team of artists will then digitalize the logo. This process includes mapping out each and every stitch in the logo so our embroidery machines can sew into your apparel. The online proof that you will receive will include the thread colors that will be used, placement, dimensions, etc. This is so you are at ease with the embroidery process and be sure that everything is done is exactly how you imagined it before the embroidery takes place.



The embroidery artists at TPE LONDON LTD load specifically chosen threads selected for your embroidery designs on to our embroidery machines, this is so they know what to sew! Everything will then be checked by the artist to make sure the settings and speed are set up correctly so the outcome of your garments will be impeccable.



Before the embroidery process begins, our technicians at TPE LONDON LTD will recheck everything again and position each thing correctly making sure the hoop is attached correctly on to the garment and clamped down so there is no movement of the garment during the sewing process. Our embroidery artists take extra care to position each hoop accurately, so your design is sewn without flaw on the correct spot on each and every one of your garments.



After the embroidery machines have been loaded up with the designated thread colors and design, the garments are hooped. Now, the actual sewing process begins. The amount of time it takes to embroider each item depends on the stitch count of the unique design. The larger the amount of stitches needed for a design, the longer the embroidery machine needs to embroider them. Another element to take into consideration is the number of garments you have requested for as it will mean there will be more stitches needed. But don’t hesitate, no matter how many garments you have requested, the production time will always be within 3 business days. Our machines can sew over two million stitches a day!



After your garments have been embroidered on, they are unhooked and sent to our quality control team for review. The quality control team reviews each item carefully and compares it to the proof you have approved online earlier on so they match thoroughly. This is an important step for our team at Simply Prints as customer satisfaction is very important to us! Our quality control team inspects each individual item to make sure there are no manufacturer defects or design flaws. During this stage, the designs will also be trimmed if needed to perfect the design. The order is now complete and moved to our shipping department where it is packaged and labeled or set aside for collection from depending on the option you have opted for. 

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