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Application Charges, Per Logo & Per Position: (Full Colour Graphics or Logo)

Need Embroidered Garment?

If you have a question or would like to get a quote for an order, contact us below and we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can.




The colours must be separated into different layers for print one colour at a time and all shapes, design or font must be turned into vectors. Otherwise, it won't work in CAD Cut Printing.


Once the file is ready to cut, it's time to selected vinyl colour & load the transfer sheet on CAD Cut machine to cut the design as per required size, colour by colour.


‘Weeding’ is completely manual process which takes majority time in this printing process.Each colour weeding done separately after cut by machine.


CAD Cut Transfer designs position on garments to make sure it's according to requirement. Pressed garment to high temperature so the pressure and the heat make the vinyl ‘stick.'

Customised Embroidered Shirts add a Professional Touch

Customised embroidered shirts are a classic choice for business and professional apparel, it also adds a personal touch. Not only can we do custom embroidered shirts, but we also offer other apparel items such as Polo shirts, button-up shirts, Blouses, Apron, Jacket, Head wear & more. With customised logo embroidery, 

the design is stitched by our automated Tajima machines on Product provided by you the customer, or choose from one of the high-quality items in our catalogue. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and consistent result. Specialty embroidery is also available. We can create a design based

on your logo or idea’s which give your design a crisp and professional look and feel. Together we can create  anything. With our cheap embroidery prices and high-quality standards, you'll love your new customized garments. Our team will make any necessary revisions to ensure that your customized embroidered logo will be clean, legible and will add that professional touch you've been longing for. 

We can also create team apparel, hats, jackets, bags, and more. To learn more about our custom embroidery services, check out some of our samples and additional info below. We also offer a one-off personalized embroidery service which has no minimum order. You can  also bring your own garments for one -off personalization or smaller and larger quantities depending on your project. 

There are two types of embroidery

TPE London Ltd has been providing embroidery service in London for long enough to know although many companies offer embroidery, it doesn't mean the quality and finished product are always consistent. High-quality custom embroidered garments are determined by the quality of the  digitizing, calibration of machinery and experience of the sewing expert. 


 Each custom embroidery design is digitized especially for the garment that it goes on and each design is tested before application to your products. Did you know that hats are best embroidered from the center out and polo's sew from left to right? In past If you are use embroidery company that using the same sewing methods on all garments, you are not getting the best custom embroidery possible! Put our custom embroidery against any others and you will not be disappointed.

If you have design but don't have right file formats and not
sure which printing technique is suitable for your design or project?
Give us a ring on 020 8004 0471
or email at info@theprintandembroidery.co.uk


We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most competitively priced & highest quality logo application in the industry. Our dedicated team of talented designers and production staff ensures you get the best quality finish, as well as fantastic value. Within 1-2 working days of you placing an order, we'll send you a proof of your design for you to check and approve before we begin the embroidery or printing - ensuring a finish you love.


Logo Setup Charges:

  • Text set up for all new text - FREE!

  • Standard Logo 10cm & £15cm set up for all new logos £14.99 & £19.99

  • Oversized Logo 25cm set up for all new logos £24.99

  • 3D(PUFF) Logo set up for all new logos £19.99


1. All above prices are based on stitch count not more than 10k, & Up to 25 cm Stitch count not more than 20k. Additional stitch count is 0.25p per 1000 stitch count.

2. All the above price is for STANDARD SERVICE (3-5 business days), FAST TRACK SERVICE (2-3 business days)  £1.99 per garment will be charged for this service and for EXPRESS SERVICE (1-2 business days) are charged £2.99 per garment.

3. A garment cannot be mixed with caps, above prices is for Same Logo & color stitched on all product, the color change will be an additional charge of £5.99 each order. Our pricing is based on per embroidery logo.

4. 3D Embroidery Cost £1.99 additional for Caps & £2.99 additional for Garments

All prices exclude the cost of garments, delivery & VAT.


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